Michael Baird
1 min readDec 15, 2017

In Alabama, Decency Scores Narrow Victory Over Tribalism

Hope and Enthusiasm celebrated this week’s victory of Decency over Tribalism. In an odd twist, normally fickle-minded Disgust aided Decency by peeling 22,819 votes away from Tribalism, which led to Decency’s 671,151 to 650,436 victory.

Tribalism was supported by old friends Fascism and Inept Privilege. Following Tribalism’s defeat, Inept Privilege took to Twitter, credited itself for being right about predicting the election’s outcome, and failed to acknowledge its own ineffectiveness. (But, let’s face it, this shows the fundamental difference between Inept Privilege and plain old ineptitude.) Fascism took a different tact, acknowledged defeat and praised Decency’s “ground-game.”

Self-Righteousness took to the airwaves late Tuesday evening seizing the moment to tap-dance about the blow to Fascism and Inept Privilege. However, Self-Righteousness did acknowledge that Tribalism remains the order of the day. As it was quick to point out that both Inept Privilege and Tribalism could still score a victory as Greed works its way through the halls of our nation’s capital.

If Tribalism has its way, Greed will score a major victory sometime between now and the end of the year. For now, Decency is scheduled to be sworn in sometime in January.

Michael Baird

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